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Loneliness and Friendship

Derek Mack • June 17, 2024

Derek Mack speaks on the current loneliness epidemic and the importance of biblical friendship. He begins his message by giving statistics about loneliness and its detrimental effects on our health. He also warns us that despite being more connected than ever, Gen Z is the loneliest generation ever recorded. Derek explains how friendship is God-ordained, and essential according to the bible. As believers, we’re called to live in community with each other and to give our lives to our friends, just as Jesus did for us, as the ultimate display of the gospel for the world. Derek clearly defines what friendship is-outward focused love that initiates with others. He then gives 3 practical examples of how to make friends and encourages the listener to put all of these into practice immediately. He ends the message by sharing 4 attributes that mark a true and loyal friend, and he asks the audience to reflect on those attributes and identify which they are weakest in.