Firm Foundation | Make Way

Ft. Chloe Mack, Ethan Mizell, Laina Crouch

Artists & Speakers:

Chloe Mack
Worship Leader
Ethan Mizell
Worship Leader
Laina Crouch
Worship Leader

Songs in this video:

Firm Foundation (He Won't)
Maverick City Music

Christ is my firm foundation
The Rock on which I stand
When everything around me is shaking

I’ve never been more glad
That I put my faith in Jesus
‘Cause He’s never let me down

He’s faithful through generations
So why would He fail now?
He won’t

And I’ve still got joy in chaos
I’ve got peace that makes no sense
So I won’t be going under

I’m not held by my own strength
‘Cause I build my life on Jesus

Hе’s never let mе down
He’s faithful through every season
So why would He fail now?

He won’t
He won’t

He won’t fail
He won’t fail

Rain came, wind blew
But my house was built on You

I’m safe with You
I’m gonna make it through

Anthem Of My Soul
Circuit Rider Music

For too long I didn’t let it sink in
The weight of the cross what You did
You gave Your life that I might live

The greatest love history’s ever witnessed
Is now my daily portion
I should be drowning in my sin
But I stand forgiven

Ooh You are a love that won’t let go
You are the anthem of my soul

How You came
Ran to my grave to call me
Awakened me into glory
I’ll never see that place again

So let my life become a grateful chorus
Let all of Heaven hear it
I want the world to know about
Everything You have done

You are not a dead religion
You’re not buried in the ground

Resurrection was Your mission
You are resurrecting now

All that’s dead and all that’s broken
Every wound our God can mend

Every blind eye every deaf ear
See and hear the Lord again

Every heart now be awakened
Taste and see the Lord is good

Everything within creation
Erupts with sound to give You praise

Make Way
Ethan Mizell


On the Altar

Here’s my life as a sacrifice
I’ll be the incense
The sweetest fragrance
Only Yours, consecrated for
Only You, Lord
Just for You, Lord

‘Cause I’m Your temple
A dwelling place for You
And Lord, make my heart
A pleasing home for You

And oh-oh-oh, I will live on the altar
Oh-oh-oh, You are worth what You asked for
If You’re searching for a heart as Your reward
Then I am Yours

in Your house
And in Your house, I will daily live
Fixed on one thing, to see Your beauty
‘Cause You alone are worth more than gold
I’ll trade the world for
A day in Your courts

I wanna be the oil, I wanna be the sacrifice
I wanna be a laid-down lover all my life