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How Do You Change Culture?

Nick Brennt • March 25, 2024 • Acts

Nick Brennt speaks on Acts 19 and how we can bring the same breakthrough to our culture that Paul brought to ancient Ephesus. He explains how Gen Z tends to swing between two extremes when it comes to changing culture-hyper activism or apathy and hopelessness. He breaksdown the downfalls of both extremes and explains why they don’t ultimately work to change culture. Nick explains the difference between behavior modification (which is what religion and activism seek) and heart transformation. Heart transformation can only come from the Gospel and knowing the Truth about who Jesus is! Nick then spends the rest of his message explaining how to actually see breakthrough and revival in your local area-through prayer, ideation, gathering your team, and finding the “neutral places” to gather the lost. He ends the night by sharing what society looks like when there is genuine revival and heart transformation takes place.