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What is a Biblical Man?

Derek Mack • June 3, 2024

Derek Mack speaks on what it means to be a biblically masculine man. He opens up the message by addressing the women listening: he acknowledges that potentially, men have used the idea of masculinity to hurt them in the past. He emphasizes that this message will redefine the term masculinity and give a more accurate example of what a real man should be. He then highlights 2 reasons why a message on masculinity is relevant to women. Derek breaks down what he believes biblical masculinity is, based on 1 Corinthians 16. He goes step by step on how men can embrace biblical masculinity according to this verse in 5 key areas of their lives. Derek then gives stats on why the issue of defining masculinity is important, and how men today are affected when they don’t know their identity. He ends the message by encouraging men to actively fight to reclaim true manhood in a world desperate for authentic masculinity.