About This Course:

In our first Mavericks Course, our focus is on “Mindsets for Success”. Success starts within. You can only lead to the level of your self-awareness and clarity for your future. Do you have a clear understanding of your gifts, leadership style, and purpose? What about those who work around you? Do you have a clear plan for your purpose and career? How confident are you as a business leader? Whether you’re setting out in your career or are an experienced founder, this course will move you forward both in your career & faith.

Course Content:
  • Where To Start
  • Finding Your Talents
  • Confidence and Identity Are Keys To Success
  • Positioning Yourself for Connections
  • God Will Promote You
  • You Need Wisdom For Success
  • Joshua and Caleb Remembered Their Inheritance
  • Joseph: Understanding the Journey
  • David and His Success
  • Esther and Her Desire to Change A Nation