Derek Mack • Lindy Cofer • Nick Brennt • Samuel Rodriguez

How To Spend Time with God


1. Live In the Word

01hr 35m

Derek Mack starts off our new series, “How to Spend Time with God”, with his message “Live in the Word.” Derek emphasizes the importance of cultivating spiritual disciplines in our lives, specifically in regard to Scripture. We are then given 5 practical ways to connect with God through the Bible.

2. A Lifestyle of Prayer

01hr 09m

Nick Brennt reminds us about the importance of prayer in our daily lives. He highlights 4 mindsets that keep us from praying. We are challenged to examine our perceptions of God’s love and ability to move in our lives. We are given 5 practical steps for connecting with God through prayer.

3. A Lifestyle of Worship

01hr 21m

Lindy Cofer teaches on the origins of worship in Genesis 22 and the importance of living a sacrificial lifestyle. She explains the difference between worshipping through music and worshipping with your actions. She then gives practicals on how to read the Bible and worship from the text.

4. Do You Really Want What You’re Asking For?

01hr 21m

Sammy Rodriguez finishes our “How to Spend Time with God” series by speaking on the importance of evangelism. He emphasizes how it is essential for Christians to take personal ownership of spreading the gospel. He then gives practical tips on how to preach the gospel and encourages everyone watching to try evangelizing in their own city.