Brad LaChapell • Brian Brennt • Chase Cofer • David Parks • Derek Mack • Graham Marshall • Jake Mason • Joel Bomberger • Matt Nelson • Michael Pierce • Nick Brennt • Zach Nash

Grace Revolution


1. God is Near

Derek engages in discussion with David and Chase about two distinct topics related to grace. David unwraps the struggle of loneliness that Christians often experience, even though God promises His nearness. Chase emphasizes the freedom we have, especially in the United States, to pursue God, and challenges us to combine it with the work ethic demonstrated in the Bible.

2. Grace Explained

Derek Mack taught on the true meaning of grace. While grace is free, it was very costly. He defines cheap grace, highlighting the importance of realizing what we have been given. When we have a true revelation of grace we will live in true freedom!

3. Healing Grace

Derek Mack and Graham Marshall discuss God’s healing grace, calling believers to understand the grace of God in our lives. They empower Christians to step into this grace for healing by leaning into the Father’s heart.

4. The Bible is Grace

Zach Nash, Derek Mack and Jake Mason talk about truth as grace, highlighting the grace of God to give us His word. When truth and grace are allowed to exist together we come closer to seeing the fullness of God.

5. Spirit of Grace

Derek, Joel, Michael, and Brad talk about the grace of the Holy Spirit and what it means for our lives. They share practical, empowering truths of what the Spirit longs to do in us, broadening our understanding of grace.

6. Supernatural Teamwork and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Join us for another installment of our series ‘Grace Revolution’ as Derek Mack, Nick Brennt and Matt Nelson talk about working in team and The Gifts of the Holy Spirit!

7. Grace of God in Pruning

Nick, Derek and Brian discuss aspects of seasons of pruning in a Christian’s life and why it’s a good thing for our character. They address the difference between pruning, refining and suffering. Brian gives us a few signs of how we can tell something needs pruning in our lives.

8. The Gospel of Grace

Zach interviews Derek about how grace is expressed through salvation. They highlight that salvation is actually a person, someone all of humanity has been searching for since the beginning. They lay a Biblical foundation for the Gospel of the Kingdom and inspire us to share the Gospel with those around us.