Andy Byrd • Chloe Mack • Derek Mack • Jonathan Stamper • Matt Nelson • Nick Brennt • Zach Nash



1. The Gospel Applied

01hr 26m

Nick Brennt begins a new series on freedom in Christ with his message titled “Freedom: The Gospel Applied”. He explains what freedom in Christ looks like in a practical way. We are challenged to examine our definition of freedom as we are shown that true freedom comes from full surrender and obedience to God. Nick gives us a list of eight things Jesus has set us free from through his death on the cross.

2. Foundation of Freedom

01hr 28m

Derek Mack gives a message on the importance of actively pursuing freedom. We are challenged to examine whether we are currently pursuing freedom in our own lives. Derek provides 5 reasons why we should take our sin and freedom from it seriously.

3. Original Design: Live Not By Lies


Chloe Mack encourages us to seek out and believe in the identity God has spoken over us by using Original Design-a guide to help us ask God for our identity. Chloe exposed three common lies that keep us from believing who God says we are.

4. Serve Notice

01hr 15m

Zach Nash encourages us to seek God for a deeper revelation of the power of the blood of Jesus. Zach emphasizes that when we are in Christ we have all authority over the strongholds that try to keep us from true freedom.

5. Confronting Our Pain

01hr 19m

Matt Nelson teaches about injustice, or underserved harm, using the story of Joseph in Genesis. We are encouraged to examine our responses to the pain we’ve experienced and allow God to heal our hearts the way only He can.

6. Breaking Curses and Unleashing Blessings

01hr 44m

Nick Brennt gives a message on blessings and curses. We are reminded of the power of the words we choose to speak. Nick illustrates the effect of blessings and curses through generations, and then gives practical tools for breaking off word curses and extending blessings.

7. Breaking Passivity

01hr 18m

Andy Byrd speaks on breaking passivity in our own lives and how to be an activated generation. He shares on what true, biblical activism looks like and how we can implement it more in our lives.

8. Freedom from Shame

01hr 35m

Jonathan Stamper gives a message on breaking free from shame. He gives us various ways shame shows up in our lives and how it affects our behavior, relationships, and mindsets. Jonathan emphasizes the truth of God’s faithfulness, even during our most shameful moments.