Chloe Mack • Derek Mack • Nick Brennt • Zach Nash

Counter Culture


1. The Counter Culture

01hr 09m

Nick Brennt begins a new series called “Fruits of the Spirit” by reading from Galatians 5. He explains how our values shape our worldview and our worldview shapes our future. He breaks down the cultures of the world and how it ultimately leads to dissatisfaction and death. Then, he reminds us how Jesus’s values are the only values that lead to a joyful and fulfilling life.

2. The Source of Joy

01hr 02m

Zach Nash speaks on the fruits of the Spirit-focusing on joy. He explains how joy comes from seeing and knowing God rightly. He elaborates that joy is much deeper than an emotion connected to our circumstances, but rather an experience with God. He closes the message by reading Revelation 21 and reminding us of the joy that God promises us in the life to come.

3. His Faithfulness Our Fruitfulness

01hr 22m

Derek Mack speaks on faithfulness. He explains how we can only be faithful because God was first faithful to us. He goes through the Bible and highlights all the different ways God has been faithful throughout history. He then gives us practical ways we can grow in our faithfulness.

4. Patience: Just Don’t Quit

01hr 32m

Nick Brennt continues the series on the fruits of the Holy Spirit with a message of enduring patience. He articulates that impatience and frustration in our lives stems from our lack of faith in the goodness of God, and challenges us to have a new perspective of the Lord’s love for us. It’s of the upmost importance that the modern believer has confidence in the goodness of God so that they will have the patience to endure the hardships that we experience in a broken world. Nick leaves us with the desire to endure hardships that God gives us to make us more like Him, and to not quit in the face of suffering.

5. Your Calling: Kindness and Goodness

01hr 08m

Derek Mack speaks on Godly kindness vs worldly niceness. He breaks down the difference between worldly niceness-which is self focused, and Godly kindness-which is Kingdom and others focused. He then provokes us by giving testimonies from Amy Carmichael’s life as a missionary to India. He challenges the listener to look at their own lives and see where they can exhibit more Godly kindness and to take action.

6. The Heart of the Matter

01hr 34m

Zach Nash speaks on Godly kindness. He highlights the humility of God to pour out His kindness on us. He reads Matthew 11 and reminds us that Jesus came to take our burdens, not be our task master. He then reminds us that as Christians our lives should be filled with so much hope and kindness that it draws the lost.

7. Peace in the Age of Anxiety

01hr 19m

Chloe Mack speaks on the final fruit of the Spirit- peace. She highlights the current mental health epidemic within Gen Z and the extreme view surrounding it. She shares her own testimony of how Jesus healed her from anxiety and explains that sometimes it’s a process, instead of a quick moment. She reminds us that the only solution to the issue is Jesus, and invites us to take bold steps to break the stronghold of anxiety over our generation.

8. Self-Mastery

01hr 29m

Nick Brennt finishes our series on the fruits of the Spirit with a teaching on self control. He explains how in Greek the words for self control directly translate to “self-mastery”. He emphasizes that the mastery over yourself is one of the most important fruits of the Holy Spirit that we receive because the other fruits flow out of self control. Nick challenges us to let go of striving for self control by ourselves, and to receive the love of Jesus and let Him be your master.