1. What is Discipleship


Derek Mack starts a new series called Basics Build Leaders, focusing this week on discipleship. Derek emphasizes that the great sin of western christianity is calling ourselves followers of Christ but not actually following Him. We are given Biblical examples of what it means to give Jesus a hungry “Yes” instead of a passive one, and we learn that when we say “No” to Jesus it effects the salvation and eternity of others around us. We are challenged to evaluate if comfort, excuses, offense or entitlement is getting in the way of truly following Jesus.

2. Effective Prayer Life


Derek Mack continues the series Basics Build Leaders, focusing on prayer. We learn that Satan will try every strategy he can to keep us from praying because our effectiveness as Christians is directly related to our prayer lives. Derek emphasizes that bored prayer and religious prayer are both powerless but that prayer can be life-altering when we see it as communication with a friend. Derek uses the Biblical example of David to show us that the people who are the most intimate with God, take the most action.

3. Standing in the Gap for Others


Yasmin Pierce speaking on “Intercession: Standing in the Gap for Others” for the Basics Build Leaders series at Monday Nights on March 22, 2021.

4. Intercession – Jesus is our Example

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Satan wins if we pray disengaged, unbelieving and selfish prayers or when we diminish prayer to just a commandment that we are obligated to do. We learn that prayer is about believing the promises of God and reminding Jesus of them. We are challenged to to start from a place of strong desire and anguish for God and to pray like Jesus did on earth and still does in Heaven.

5. Persistence in Prayer


Prayer is an action of love and we need to not stop praying until we see breakthrough. We are given Biblical examples of persistent prayer and challenged to consider what we have personally given up on in prayer.