Derek Mack • Nick Brennt • Sam Storms • Zach Nash



1. Declaration of Dependence

01hr 29m

Nick Brennt begins a new series on the books of Acts, explaining how we need to have a radical and bold faith in the Holy Spirit. He reminds us how often we put trust in our own plans and strategy but forget our need for the Holy Spirit. He explains how it’s our response to God’s leadership that activates us, but the foundation of the Christian faith is to be utterly dependent on God. He encourages the listener to radically seek and desire the Holy Spirit to speak in our lives and submit to His leadership.

2. The Promise of the Father

02hr 02m

Zach Nash continues speaking on the book of Acts by diving deeper into what it means to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. He shares his own experience, growing up as a southern baptist christian who didn’t know about the Holy Spirit, to encountering the Holy Spirit for the first time. He clarifies some of the common misconceptions around what it means baptized in the Holy Spirit and explains why it’s so important for our faith. He encourages us to allow God’s Spirit to fill our lives and to treasure the Spirit of God living in us.

3. Who is the Spirit?

01hr 28m

Derek Mack speaks on the character and nature of the Holy Spirit, and what He does. He first explains the difference between hearing about God and having head knowledge versus knowing Him personally, which can only come from developing a relationship with Him. Derek goes through the Old and New Testament to point out the attributes and Godhood of the Holy Spirit. He then explains our need for the Holy Spirit in our life: to guide us, lead us, and bring us closer to the Father. He ends the message with a reminder that the Holy Spirit is our comforter and that He is always with us when we walk through the valleys of life.

4. This Jesus

01hr 33m

Zach Nash speaks on the significance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection; and how life truly is hopeless without the Gospel. He reads scripture throughout the New Testament that highlights how significant Jesus’ life is for us. He then emphasizes how God reconciling Himself to us is incomplete without the Good News of Jesus. He talks about how we must put Jesus at the center of our hearts-replacing our selfish desires for His selfless love. Zach ends the message by encouraging us to give Jesus full lordship over our lives and trust in his sovereign plan for us.

5. Freelance Christianity

01hr 45m

Nick Brennt speaks on Church community and our purpose as members of the Church. He confronts the modern culture which tries to change and reject the church and calls us higher in representing Jesus as a church. Nick addresses the way we isolate ourselves from others and end up in distress, and challenges us to engage and take part of what Jesus is doing in the church. He highlights several attributes of the early church and calls us to return to ways of the book of Acts.

6. Prayer That Shapes History

01hr 33m

Sam Storms talks about the power of partnering with God in prayer to influence the world around us. He reads about the testimony of the early Church in the books of Acts and their desire to devote themselves to prayer, and how we must also follow suit. Sam challenges us to match the level of faith we see in the book of Acts when we pray. He then gives us 10 reasons why our prayer is so important and calls us to engage in a deep pursuit of a personal prayer life.

7. Change the Way You Think

01hr 33m

Zach Nash speaks on the change that we go through when we behold God. He reads from Acts 7-9 and talks about how Saul/Paul can’t fathom a Messiah who would sacrifice himself. He highlights how the only thing that could change Paul’s mind was an encounter with Jesus. Zach implores us to look upon the same transformative power of Jesus and become renewed by His Word. He provokes us to die to ourselves and let the power of God’s grace and mercy change our ways of thinking. He highlights 3 main areas we need to change our mindsets on and breaks down practical ways we can do this.

8. Jesus People In The 21st Century

01hr 20m

Derek Mack speaks on Acts 17 and gives more context to where and who Paul is preaching to in this chapter. Derek explains how ancient Athens and our modern day culture aren’t too different-we’re both obsessed with self. He outlines 10 beliefs of Selfism and where we see this in our own lives. He then highlights how Paul spoke a bold gospel of repentance to everyone around him and was mocked for it. Derek asks us if we are moved, like Paul was, at the brokenness of the world around us. He warns against preaching a watered down Gospel to make it more attractive, and asks us to step out boldly when we speak about Jesus. Derek ends his message with 4 questions to reflect on after hearing this message.