Derek Mack • Nick Brennt • Zach Nash

1 Corinthians


1. The Excellent Way

01hr 24m

Derek Mack preaches on 1 Corinthians 13 and on choosing love above all things. He encourages us to root out areas of lovelessness in our lives by reflecting on what we value. He then emphasizes that love is active, it isn’t just a feeling or emotion but an active choice to live out daily!

2. What We All Want: Love

01hr 41m

Nick Brennt speaks on 1 Corinthians 13 and agape love. He explains how love is one of the most basic human needs that everyone is searching for-from God and from people. Then he gives practicals on how to love people well and challenges everyone to bless someone this week.

3. The Father’s Love

01hr 35m

Zach Nash challenges us with the story of the Prodigal Son in John 15, connecting our ability to give God’s love with our ability to first receive God’s love. Zach walks us through four hindrances to receiving God’s love: entitlements, self-righteousness, religious obligation, and earning. He exhorts us to receive the Father’s smile in preparation for the coming revival.

4. What’s Your Limit?

01hr 08m

Derek Mack closes out our series by posing the question to us, “does your love have a limit?” Derek challenges us to look for where our love begins to grow cold and exhorts us to depend more deeply on Jesus to empower us to love. Derek then gives four practical questions for us to ask ourselves in order to walk deeper into love.