About This Course:

We have distilled the principles, cultures, and practical skill sets that have made Carry The Love as a movement effective for the Carry The Love Accelerator. Our primary goal is that this course would be an accelerant to your leadership and calling wherever God would call you.

Course Content:
  • Intro
  • Clean Break Up
  • A Love Revolution
  • Becoming A Gospel Messenger
  • Compassion is Our Guide
  • Love Equals Gritty Action
  • The Culture of Faith
  • The Attitude of Love - Becoming a Radical Servant
  • The Culture of the Unoffendable Heart
  • Walking in the Power of the Spirit - Part 1
  • Walking in the Power of the Spirit - Part 2
  • The Culture of Empowerment and Permission
  • Building Your Team
  • Finding Your Action
  • Next Steps